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Employment Law

Services offered include:

There have been several attempts to codify Employment Law. This has lead to a large number of Employment Acts which attempt to incorporate previous legislation and more recently further amendments have been made following the Civil Partnership Act, EU regulations etc.

We understand how daunting this area of law may be for both Employer and Employee. Many large organisations employ or subcontract Human Resources departments to deal with the complex area.

Clearly all employment is based on confidence between Employer and Employee. Employees are often the largest resource of an organisation. It is therefore often worth spending the time and expense of getting Employment Packages recorded correctly in Contracts of Employment at the start of the employment.

Contracts of Employment form part of a bigger picture of managing a business and therefore consideration of a company’s culture, policies and office manuals are essential. Allwyn Sanger Solicitors has an MBA qualified solicitor allowing us to understand the commercial impact of the required employment documentation on reward strategies, budgets, Managing People and Information.

We are able to advise on settlement Agreements for Employers or Employees. We provide full advice on potential claims for either Employer or Employee and will deal with Employment Tribunal claims stage by stage. We are able to assist in dispute resolution by negotiation and where it is not possible to resolve issues by mutual agreement claims or defences can be submitted to Employment Tribunals online on your behalf.

The vast amount of different employment claims that can be made arise as a result of the various rights and obligations created by the relationship of Employers and Employees.

For further information contact Ash Sanger or Esther Watton on 0845 217 1377 or use our on-line enquiry form, Ash Sanger is a Director and a Solicitor of England and Wales.

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