Pricing Policy

Fees - General approach

We do not undertake fixed fee work and deal with each matter individually as opposed to adopting a “one size fits all” approach. We do not pay referral fees to third parties to obtain work nor do we necessarily calculate fees as a % of the transaction value (Property price or value of an Estate).

As with most solicitors we charge for the amount of time that we spend on your case. This means time spent in meetings, telephone conversations, writing letters, emails and drafting relevant documentation. Our charge structure is based on the profession's norm of charging in units of 6 minutes so that in each hour there are 10 units with the relevant hourly rate being adopted.

Generally, our charges are based on the senior solicitor’s hourly rate of £310 plus vat (accurate as at 01.06.2019). The rates are reviewed annually in March of each year and we reserve the right to increase the hourly rate. We will however notify you of this prior to the increase date and give you an opportunity to discuss the increase. The hourly rate is based on a solicitor with 25 years plus qualified experience.

Each instruction is unique, and a more accurate indication of costs will be provided once we have specific facts of your bespoke situation. Therefore, at the beginning of a matter we will provide you with an estimate as to your likely costs for dealing with a particular piece of work on the basis of the information and details you give to us. The full Terms of Business / Client Care letter (as varied from time to time) will be based on your specific instructions and supersedes the standard costs information below.

In some cases, we can reduce costs for less complicated limited instructions. However, in other cases where there may be a degree of urgency or the matter is more complex it may result in an uplift to our hourly rate. We will seek to notify you in advance of changes to the rate whenever possible and we will endeavour to confirm the same in writing as soon as possible.

Also, generally, if as the matter progresses it appears that our original estimate was too low we will advise you in writing and explain why the estimate needs to be reviewed.

Tips to keep your costs down

  1. If you need to meet with us or speak with us on the telephone then we suggest that you prepare a list of points that you wish to discuss in advance. This way, we can ensure that our meeting/telephone conversation is focused and that the time is used as efficiently as possible.
  2. If you wish to send us emails then we are more than happy to communicate with you in this way. However, we again suggest that you carefully consider exactly what question/issue you would like us to deal with when preparing your email message.
  3. In some cases, we will advise you if there are documents that you can prepare in draft so that our time will be spent applying our legal expertise to finalise them.
  4. Again, in some cases, we can advise you to deal direct with your bank, building society, life insurance company, pension company etc when requesting information as this will reduce the need for us to do work on your behalf.
  5. Please reply promptly to our letters or requests for information as this will prevent us sending you reminder letters.

Other matters

From time to time you may ask us to provide general legal advice on matters which are not part of your original instructions or information sought. On the basis we are willing and able to do so our fees will be charged on a time spent basis and we will provide you with an estimate once we have a full understanding of the issues upon which you seek advice.

Regulatory pricing information

On some specific areas of law we have set out our charges for services we provide with the following links:

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